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India Pakistan War News 2016 Goes Viral on FB, Twitter & Other Social Networks

India Pakistan War News 2016 Goes Viral on FB, Twitter & Other Social Networks

The India Pakistan war has been spread every where entire world. and the New has been published on Social Media Networks, News,TV and News Papers. Everyone want to know would India and Pakistan actually go to War ? That Answer is Yes, India Pakistan war has been stated and that information has viral at Social networks like i,e Facebook, Twitter, and some other networks. An Indian take position during an Army barracks invasion. Nearest the Boarder of Pakistan on 18th September 2016.

The imputation unleashed  torrent of fury on Social media sites. India’s home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted -Pakistan is a terrorist state and it must be separated. twited

Yes, the India Pakistan War now really goes on viral in recent days ago, there are many Janta party, Ministers, Home ministers has their different options. Bharatiya Janata Party’s Secretary General Ram Madhav took to Facebook. “For one tooth, the complete jaw,” he posted, seeming to imply a irrelevant vengeance.

TV news channels in India on the India-Pakistan war, spreading the news, and the news is spreading fast in all over the TV Channels, and other social networking site and reported on the war is going.

Pakistan Defense Minister Shows India It’s Ready For War

The Pakistan defense minister has decried about India Pakistan war. After all the pusillanimous terror attack on the army headquarters in Uri on Sunday India had issued strong warning to Pakistan. India saying that she forceful retaliation for terrorist attacks, this time around, many in Pakistan that India may feel some serious steps.According to source the India has sparked a battle of Pakistan.

Pakistan warPakistan Defense minister Khawaja Asif had tweeted few picture of the PAF’s to show country war alacrity, but there are some pics used turned out to be American and Korean fighter jets


Narendra Modi Says About their War –

Narenra Nodi is a very Iconic man and Prime Minister of India. The Present Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi – said on Saturday ( 24/09/2016) – India never forget the Militant attack that killed 18 soldiers at an Army in Kashmir,The PM Narendra Modi will accept the challenge of India Pakistan war. India is ready to fight with Pakistan to a war on poverty, unemployment and illiteracy.

Narendra Modi said about after URI Attack on last Sunday. Modi said the days are not far when the people of Pakistan will come out to fight against their rulers on the question of terror. He did not dnarendra-modiirectly name Pakistan Country but specified the neighboring country several times to drive home what was the recurring theme – > there is only one country that is “Pakistan ” that exports terror to the entire whole world.

—–> The Prime Minister said that ” India is ready to fight with Pakistan Any time. After URI attack on last few days. India India will not keep quiet and it is ready to accept your challenge.Pakistan should know that India has sacrifice 18 of the army and we will never be silent about this. And we will surely give the reply.

Modi said that the whole kind of happened this only responsible for Pakistan. All this has happened in all of Pakistan’s hand. Because All the non-legal work undertaken and terror are all in Pakistan. Modi epicenter of terrorism “and accused Pakistan claimed it was the world’s” export of terrorism “is used.

India Pakistan War News 2016  has been Viraled on FB, Twitter, Other Social Networks and News papers, and also TV Channels. other details will see about war on our @Twitter, Facebook


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